iOS Application Development

About iOS Application

iOS is considered as one of the best operating systems for mobile development and has a stable place in the market. The demand of iPhone Application developers has been massively increasing. This training is a perfect blend of expert professional, enhancing practical, and exposure to tools for getting a rich learning experience. If you are looking for IOS development training to start your career, then you are on the right platform. We provide best IOS development professional industrial training by expert developers.

Why Choose Us

Team 20 offers the best professional Industrial Training in Mohali. With its advancement and increasing demand, it is necessary to learn it with the current market requirements. Join us for your training and enhance your technical skills for career opportunity. Our training program includes the following:

1. Hands-on demonstration of latest technologies.

2. Guidance under expert developers and experience in real-world workplace.

3. We focus on practical based learning for students to enhance their skills.

4. Chance to work on live project.

5. Motivational seminars during the training session.


  • Introduction to iOS
  • Overview of OOPS
  • Installation of SDK
  • Joining the iOS developer Program
  • Creating a simple iOS application
  • Introduction to Xcode and its development
  • Using the iOS simulator
  • Using Model View Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
  • Using Interface Builder
  • Memory Management
  • Debugger and testing the application
  • Basic programming of Objective-C
  • Data types
  • Protocols and Categories
  • Classes, Objects and Messaging
  • Creating an Instance
  • Destroying an Instance
  • File Handling
  • Introduction to Cocoa Touch
  • Core services Integration
  • Core data Integration
  • Notification centre
  • UI navigation controller
  • Social Networks
  • Device Configuration
  • Device and in-app purchase
  • Icloud